This portfolio includes clips from my time at Bloomberg News, the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

(Note: Bloomberg has put up a paywall for much of its online content, which has reduced how many stories I can showcase.)

Bloomberg BusinessWeek (2010-current)
(also appeared in print edition)
Smart Dressing Rooms?
Does the Mensch Have Staying Power?
Has Soccer Made Herbalife Unbeatable
Under Armour’s MVPs
Why Target is Raking Up Its Maple Leaves
Is Nike’s Flyknit the Swoosh of the Future?
Millennials are Broke, Now What?
Why Ken is the New Babe-Magnet in Toyland
The Trouble with HENRY
Mattel’s Mom Issue: They Really Don’t Get Hot Wheels
The People Who Brought You Paul Ryan’s Abs
Riding the Oprah Wave Ready or Not
Holiday Shopping: Retailers Aim to Thwart Online Rivals
Why Furby is Back
Retailers Are Losing the Tech Talent Wars
Why Target’s Cheap Chic Glamour is Fading
Retailers Going after Big-and-Tall

Bloomberg (2009-current)
Dov Charney Couldn’t Keep American Apparel, So He Restarted It
Toy Inventing Isn’t All Fun and Games
Is It the Shoes? Steph Curry Hasn’t Made Under Armour Cool Yet
The New Nasty Fight Over Cabbage Patch Kids
How Mattel Made the First Superheroes for Girls
Converse Gives Chuck Taylor a Nike Makeover
Meet the Designer Behind 40 Years of Star Wars Toys
American Apparel Has Oodles of Dirt on Former CEO
How a 25-Year-Old Investor Spurred Lumber Liquidators’ Plunge¬†
Inside a Dying U.S. Mall
Apple Said to Team with MasterCard, Visa on iPhone Wallet
Borders’ Bezos Champagne Toast Marked Start of Chain’s Demise

Graduate School (2007-08)
Wineification of Beer (multimedia. takes a minute to load)
The Spitzer Stakeout (The Huffington Post. audio slideshow)
What’s Christmas? The NFL Draft (video)
The Drug Dealer of Bikes (audio slideshow/video)
“I’m Tottenham ‘Til I Die (audio slideshow)
Pub Crawling for Obama (audio slideshow)
Red Carpet with Matthew Broderick
(Observer story)
Problems with VA’s Accounting System (Propublica)
Pregnant Woman Saved from Fire (Daily News)
Flat-Screen TVs Hyped as Climate Threat (Columbia Journalism)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (1998-2003)
Pro Football: Texans Overcome Horrid Offense
Pro Hockey: Senators Light up Penguins
College Football: Ferentz Worthy of Coach of the Year
High School Sports: Taking on Tradition

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