Meet the Designer Behind Four Decades of Star Wars Toys

Sept. 4, 2015 (link)

By Matt Townsend

Mark Boudreaux has dined with C-3PO and counts the bounty hunter Boba Fett as a personal friend. When geeks of a certain age ask for his autograph, it’s usually because of his deep connection to the Millennium Falcon. The 60-year-old father of two has designed every toy version of Han Solo’s spaceship. In fact, Boudreaux is the only person who’s been creating Star Wars playthings since the very birth of the merchandizing behemoth unleashed by George Lucas in 1977.

The latest miniature version of the Millennium Falcon, designed once again by Boudreaux and retailing for $140, is the centerpiece of Hasbro’s new line of toys and games coming out before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the first film in the series to be produced by Disney. The new toys went on sale with a wave of publicity on what the marketers have dubbed “Force Friday.” When the movie premieres in December, it will be the seventh episode in the most lucrative film franchise ever, with an estimated $25 billion in box-office and merchandise revenue. And that’s probably shortchanging it.

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