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Thanks for visiting. This website serves as a portfolio for my work as a journalist. Over more than a decade, I’ve garnered reporting and writing experience that spans suburban and city newspapers, magazine and wire service. I’ve also made dozens of appearances on television and radio.

My career path looks like this:
Bloomberg News/BusinessWeek (2009-present)
Daily News (2008 intern)
ProPublica (2008 intern)
New York Observer (2008 intern)
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (1998-2003)

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And here’s a little more on me…

My 30th birthday proved to be a turning point not because it brought a revelation about my future. Instead, a simple, thoughtful gift from my wife changed its course.

She gave me an original 1974 copy of “All The President’s Men” by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. The film version had been a favorite and made me want to become a reporter. At that point in my life, I had been out of journalism for more than three years writing for a marketing firm.

Reading the tale of two journalists taking down a president and the book’s much more detailed account of their reporting and the the scope of the crimes by Nixon and his acolytes reinvigorated my interest in journalism after covering sports for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review from 1998-2003.

Later that year, I applied to the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism and in September 2007 began my master’s degree. It was a wonderful experience as I learned a great deal and covered a community in the Bronx. I also did internships at ProPublica, the New York Observer and the New York Daily News.

I finished my degree in December 2008, then spent three months interning at Bloomberg News in New York before being hired to a full-time position in April. At Bloomberg, I covered stocks, currencies and then finance in a nine-month training program before joining the retail and consumer team in February 2010. I cover public companies such as Nike, Mattel and Home Depot and retail and consumer trends. Starting in 2016, I became a contributor to Bloomberg’s Material World podcast. This has included reporting and writing scripts for the show.┬áIn 2017, my beat expanded to writing about the Trump administration’s effect on business, including a scoop on how one high-powered CEO was pushing his own version of tax reform.

My work appears in Bloomberg BusinessWeek print edition and on Bloomberg.com (which houses Bloomberg and BusinessWeek stories). I also do appearances on Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Radio and other outlets.

Check out my clips here.

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